Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Diamonds: Best Friends No More

Hi people!

So here's the hot news- the diamond jewellery brand Nakshatra has dumped Aishwarya Rai and roped in the latest heartthrob of the nation, Katrina Kaif, as its brand ambassador. This must have left the Bachchan Bahu reeling with jealousy. In fact Abhishek Bachchan in a recent interview suggested that it was Aishwarya who opted out of the contract with Nakshatra because it did not "come to terms" with some of her conditions. Now, come on AB! Of course you don't expect us to believe that! Bachchans of late have become insanely oversensitive reacting to every piece that's written on them in the media, and at times they can even be seeing blowing their own trumpets. Chuck it guys!

Now about the latest Queen of Bollywood. With five hits in a row Katrina has quickly become one of the most sought out faces in the ad world. Though frankly speaking Katrina might have had numerous hits in the recent past but her acting skills are nothing much to speak of. In fact most of her movies merely have her as a showpiece where all that she has to do is smile and look pretty. She got to give some better performances if she really wants to be taken seriously. For me, as of now she is no contest to Aishwarya Rai and it would take a lot more than just the Nakshatra endorsement to match up to the real Queen.

Animesh Raj :)


Swati said...

you are absolutely right... Media has compared Katrina to the "sizzling Ash" unnecessarily... looking pretty is not everything the industry expects... she got to do varieties if she is really trying to compete the beautiful, green-eyed lady!