Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Innocent

Dear friends,

The spat between SRK and Salman at Katrina's b'day bash is now old news. Though the stars had been silent on the incident themselves sources present at the party had confirmed that the two had indeed quarreled. Yesterday Salman broke his silence on the matter with his interview being splashed across all the major tabloids and websites where he goes SRK-bashing. Reading the various interviews one gets the feeling that Salman is extremely bitter about the issue and it's surprising that while SRK is keeping silent about the issue Salman goes all out and even compares his relation with SRK to his relation with Vivek Oberoi(!!!!!).

Let's take a look at what he has to say. To the interview he gave to Times of India (read it here) he said that he would never patch up with SRK. He also said that he would never speak about Shahrukh and then immediately proves himself wrong by speaking ill of Shahrukh. When asked to speak on SRK Salman responded, "Yeh sab unka problem hai. Agar meri burai mein unko happiness milti hai, who log paisa kamate hai, toh accha hai. Aap meri dhana-dhan phaad rahe ho, aur apni family ko support kar rahe ho... well then, enjoy! (Laughs)".

Salman suggests that SRK keeps bad-mouthing about him in public. As of now he has never done it in any of his interviews at least; SRK has always had words of praise for Salman. In fact it is Salman who is bad-mouthing SRK in this interview. Ulta chor kotwaal ko daante!

To the interview he gave to Indian Express (read it here), he says that SRK used to stay at his home during his struggling days but he has been to SRK's house only twice in his lifetime. Also somewhere in between Salman adds that SRK was at his house to request him to appear in KBC and Om Shanti Om thus refreshing our memories about the favours that he has done for SRK. Also when asked if the reason for the fight was their respective shows on television Salman says, "No, I don't think it's because my show is doing better". Well Salman just go and take a look at the TRPs and you would know that your show is not really making waves. For those who are eager you can check the TRPs of television shows at www.indiantelevision.com.

In his interview to Mid-Day (read it here) he says that SRK's aides have been spreading negative stories about him in the media. He says that till now we have heard only SRK's side of the story.

To Hindustan Times (read it here) Salman says that he has morals and principles and throughout his life he has had to suffer for them because others do not have any morals or principles. He he...this statement is nothing but hilarious coming from the perennial enfant terrible of Bollywood! Just take a look at all the controversies that he has been involved in (click to read) and you would be surprised as to what morals and principles the actor is speaking of.

There are other interviews too but it will get too long and boring. How much of negativity and immaturity can one handle anyway? Anyway Salman lives up to his image of being the bad boy of bollywood by lashing out at King Khan in such an immature manner. Now will Shahrukh break his silence too?

Animesh :)


small_town girl said...

i had just started to like salman. that aint gonna progress now! hei.. nice story. and thanks for being there. for srk.

Animesh Raj said...

thank you for your appreciation...and i don't really think srk needs me- he is quite a strong personality!

small_town girl said...

no, everywer srk is being pictured as the rude friendship destroyer and sallu being oh-so-poor gentle man.

like he hadnt killed any1 yet!