Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Phoonk De!

Hello there!

My exams are over and for a change I hope to get some good marks this time! Of late I hadn't been able to keep up with the latest in Bollywood and did I have some surprises in store!

First of all I was surprised to hear about the dismal opening that Maan Gaye Mughal - e - Azam received at the box office. It was so thanda it could give Coca Cola a run for its money. Guess people are bored of the oversexed up Mallika Sherawat and the pseudo intellectual Rahul Bose. Both of them act as if they are big stars! Cool it people- hope now you understand where you stand.

Now for the big surprise- and it was really B-I-G. Somehow RGV's horror movie Phoonk managed to get a fantastic initial and that meant that the low budget movie would be a money-earner for sure. I don't know what worked for it. RGV's name had become synonymous with duds (even Sarkar Raj wasn't as successful as it was made out to be). The film had no stars whatsoever. No hit music to boast of. Nothing! And to top all that I thought the media campaign which challenged a person to watch the movie alone in a theatre was stupid. But I guess it worked for the film. May be people are now bored of the nonsensical 'comedies' that are being churned out in bulk in Bollywood these days- they needed a change. RGV's horror movies have always been good- I still shudder when I think of some scenes from the movie Raat. So probably this worked to the movie's advantage. But it's still very surprising indeed. RGV himself must have been shocked to see the response the movie received from the public. With so many duds behind his back how could he have expected that a movie poster that had his name in the bold could actually attract the audiences! Now our vain RGV will heave a sigh of relief and come back with his pseudo intellectual ways I am sure. God save us!!

Animesh Raj :)


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small_town girl said...

i heard that film was total flop and deserved a dhoonk!

Animesh Raj said...

the film may not have been appreciated by the movie critics but it has certainly made money at the box office.